Pre-filters and Lifting Stations

Pre-filters (such as magnetic separators) or return pumps (lifting pumps to the filter) are common equipment for filter units.
We can supply numerous standardized products, that can be delivered in a short time. Or we can tailor them to fit Your individual needs and space availability.

Automated Sludge Treatment

Micro Filtration of coolants is almost standard in any high precision machining and application.

Modern TRANSOR technology keeps the (grinding-) oil in brand new condition. The oil needs no replacement. Only drag-out losses have to be filled up. Systems using consumable media (pre-coat systems, cartridge and paper and etc.) do not permit this and cause problems with disposal/recycling issues.

HSS Filter Units

These units were designed especially for customers with high amount of High Speed Steel (HSS) tools.

The fine HSS particles tend to stick together and prove difficult to backflush. We avoid this problem by intensifying the regeneration process.

Filter modules

Both the conventional and the TCF system can be constructed as filter modules.

Units of 70 – 280 l/min flow capacity can be added as stand alone units or be integrated into existing circuits. Controls and sludge treatment can be arranged according to customer specific requirements.

Centralized Systems

For the supply of coolant to complex machine parks TRANSOR individually designs and offers centralized systems from 1000 to more than 10000 l/min. Submerged or semisubmerged constructions including the complete piping as turn-key-jobs are possible.

Island solutions

By utilizing so called “island solutions”, groups of machines can be connected to one filter unit. These “small centralized systems” are offering concepts which can be adopted to customer specific requirements. Filter flow capacities from 300-900 l/min, centralized machine supply stations and specific cooling systems are just some of the options.

TCF individual units

Especially for single supply of coolant to 1 to 4 machines there are highly standardised constructions with capacities from 70-300 l/min.

The units are compatible with all types of known grinding machines. The removal of sludge material can be done manually or fully automatic with miniaturized drag conveyors.