Filtration “on the edge”


The TRANSOR systems work according to the slit filter principle. In the process, impurities of the grinding oil are retained up to the micron range on the surface of thousands of special filter disks.

TRANSOR units work on basis of the edge filter principle. Contaminations in grinding oils are captured on the surface of several thousands of special filter discs. Unlike in other systems no consumable filter media is utilized. Maintenance and operating costs are reduced to the absolute minimum. The self cleaning (backflushing) of the filters is initiated fully automatic. The removed material (sludge) is discharged by various methods either manually or automatically.


  • No consumable filter media
  • Fully automatic self cleaning (backflushable)
  • Uninterrupted continuous full flow filtration
  • Lifetime of elements several years


The filter pump conveys dirty return oil of the machine into the filter vessel. Ultra-fine particles are held back on the surface of filter disks and filter channels. The machine supply pump conveys the clean and refrigerated oil back to the machine.


Automatic cleaning of the edge filters requires less than 1 percent of the overall filtration time. To regenerate the elements. a defined quantity of pure oil is pressed through the filter in the reverse flow direction. The backwashed particles are discharged into the integrated sludge treatment unit. where this practically pure material, which has a residual moisture of less than 3 percent by weight, is collected.