TRANSOR: For today and for the future!

TRANSOR Filter GmbH, established since 1981 on the German market, develops and constructs ecological and filter media free backflushable filter systems for numerous applications in metal working industries.

Not only in Germany, but also in France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland TRANSOR is known to be a powerful secialist in fine filtration. Thanks to a competent engineering we are a reliable partner for the automotive and tool manufacturing industrie.

Beginning of the 90’s TRANSOR used its Know-How to discover new rewarding applications. The production field of Grinding, especially high-precision Grinding seemed to be promising. This new application proved to be a big stepstone for the future growth of the company. Since then new filter systems have been developed and constantly improved, that separate all mechanical impurities out of the fluid and keep it in a brand new shape.

We set milestones for the future