Pre-filters and Lifting Stations

Pre-filters (such as magnetic separators) or return pumps (lifting pumps to the filter) are common equipment for filter units.
We can supply numerous standardized products, that can be delivered in a short time. Or we can tailor them to fit Your individual needs and space availability.

Some of our products:

  • “Inline” installed return pumps with or without their own control cabinet.
    Small footprint, low inlet height and capable of dealing with highly inflated fluids.
  • Lifting tanks with immersion pumps, with or without their own control cabinet.
    Connection of more than one return pipe possible, pump pressure & flow rate as well as tank capacity can be defined.
  • Magnetic separators of any size, with or without lifting pump
  • Shut-off valves, attached sensors and controls for central supply- and return lines.

See photos for examples.