Sludge Treatment

Micro Filtration of coolants is almost standard in any high precision machining and application.

Modern TRANSOR technology keeps the (grinding-) oil in brand new condition. The oil needs no replacement. Only drag-out losses have to be filled up. Systems using consumable media (pre-coat systems, cartridge and paper and etc.) do not permit this and cause problems with disposal/recycling issues. TRANSOR reliably works with no consumables. Working material (e.g. carbide from tool and cutter grinders) is processed by the integrated sludge treatment devices and is recaptured without any additional filter aids. Vacuum supported de-oiling method reduces the contents of sludge to < 3 % (weight). In automatic systems this pre-dried sludge is placed directly in adjacent barrels/containers. No need for additional handling. The (carbide-)sludge can be converted into revenue.

Already one drum of carbide sludge (weight approx. 1.000 kg) yields a revenue of 15.000 € and more (depending on market price). The amortisation (ROI) more than justifies the investment into a TRANSOR Filtration System.

The installation of a TRANSOR system with all it’s advantages pays off within shortest time.

The mud discharge. Filter – Recycle – Sell

The (HM) sludge can be converted directly into sales by selling. With a barrel of unmixed carbide (weight approx. 1000 kg), a sales price in the range of 15,000 euros and more can be achieved (price depends on the market). The resulting short payback period (ROI) justifies investing in a TRANSOR system!

In principle, a scrap conveyor or the discharge into a sludge drum are available as automatic discharge systems.
The sludge drum is also suitable for retrofitting existing systems with manual sludge treatment (sludge basket).

The photos show some exemplary versions.
Die Fotos zeigen einige beispielhafte Ausführungen.