The TRANSOR central filter system at prototype (Walter) – a field report

For more than 30 years, TRANSOR FILTER has stood for optimal solutions in the field of filtration of processing fluids of various industries. Renowned customers around the world rely on our economical and environmentally friendly technology without filter aids and consumables. In the ultrafine filtration of cooling lubricants (KSS) for the production of carbide tools, TRANSOR Filter is the market leader. In addition to standard and compact systems, we also build customer-specific central systems.

The orientation of TRANSOR Filter GmbH products towards sustainability also benefits our customers. By not only in isolated cases long life of the filter elements TRANSOR customers save time and money. Exemplary for the qualities of the TRANSOR filter systems below is a field report about a central filter system at prototype (Walter) in Zell am Harmersbach. That this is not an isolated case can be proven by many similar experiences with customers in the field of tool grinding, tool production and automotive.

Walter AG is an international metalworking company with seven production sites and more than 3,500 employees worldwide. At the Zell am Harmersbach site, Prototyp-Werke GmbH manufactures innovative threading and milling tools made of HSS-E and solid carbide. Walter offers a comprehensive range of precision tools and develops complete solutions for machining applications in the fields of general mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive and energy industry together with customers.

The convincing arguments of the TRANSOR fine filter system, which was still relatively unknown for the grinding sector at the time, convinced the management of Prototype Werke:

The system works without filter aids, such as B. precoat filter systems, filtered, regenerated fully automatically and keeps the grinding oil in mint condition. The filter fineness of 3 μm nominal ensures constant and reliable reproducible grinding results and enables the sorted and lucrative reuse or sale of the carbide grinding sludge.

Within a very short time, the reliability and practical freedom from maintenance of the TRANSOR system were confirmed. It was not necessary to replace the used TRANSOR gap filter elements! And that for 20 years! An unrivaled industry standard!

After 20 years of uninterrupted 3-shift operation, the TRANSOR system is confirmed as one of the best investments made. The extremely low maintenance requirements with sustainable, reliable process reliability also prompted other Walter Group companies to rely on the TRANSOR system for grinding oil processing. For good reasons, we therefore took account of TRANSOR Filter GmbH and its systems in expanding our production capacities.

TRANSOR has become synonymous with automatic, filter aid-free, regenerable fine filtration in the grinding sector.

Prototype (Walter) and TRANSOR – a strong partnership!